Christmas Lighting

Let’s Brighten Bismarck Mandan Together

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with loved ones, not up on the roof. Effortlessly check one more thing off that long Christmas list. Why not call your local lighting professional this year; all estimates are at no cost to you.

Our Program

The first year price will cover fitting the product, installation, and take down. We always give two prices one for the first year and the second to let you know how much you can expect to pay year to year.


A Professional Designer will meet with you free of charge. We are happy to make suggestions to help you create your unique display come to life.


We use professional grade lighting that is guaranteed to last. We use the best LED lighting that can be found. Our designer will be happy to show you any colors in person before the installation occurs.

Custom fit

This is awesome; every strand is cut to fit your home. This creates a clean crisp appearance to your home. These lights will be made to fit just for you!


Every home can have its unique challenges. We have the experience and equipment to safely install your lights.


This makes it all worth it. If you have issues with a single light bulb or your lights are not functioning properly we will make the repair with absolutely no additional charge. Each display is a reflection of our business and we want everything functioning properly.

Take Downs

No need to worry about cleaning up. We come back and take down the lights as soon as weather permits. We can store the lights for a small fee or if you would like to hang onto them we don’t charge anything extra.

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